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12th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

women and man smilingIf you are approaching your 12th year of marriage, then you know that a traditional theme for 12th wedding anniversary gifts is linen or silk. Although the specific gift for the 12th anniversary does very depending on the country; In the United States, the 12 year anniversary is traditionally associated with silk. This can include silk dresses, silk ties for men and any other type of silk textile. In the United Kingdom, the 12 anniversary is more specifically associated with silk and fine linens. So, if you’re looking for some great 12th anniversary gift ideas, read our 5 tips below?

5 ideas for incorporating silk into your 12th anniversary (silk anniversary) plans.

  1. gift box with heartsSurprise your spouse at the end of your romantic evening by slipping into your bed dressed in silk sheets. The result is sure to spark some 12th year anniversary excitement.
  2. Give the gift of relaxation to that special someone in your life with a gift certificate to a local spa.
  3. Create a true silk anniversary experience by incorporating silk throughout your romantic evening. Start with a beautiful silk dress, followed by silk flowers and romantic dinner. Complete your evening with silk bed linens and some silk lingerie.
  4. For a more affordable gift, try a silk pillowcase. She will enjoy the feel of silk against her face every night and the silk pillowcases will help keep her skin looking healthy and beautiful.
  5. And for the crème de la crème in silk anniversary gifts, try a silk filled comforter. It will keep both of you warm and comfortable and at the perfect temperature throughout the night, no matter what happens under the sheets.

Whichever 12th anniversary gift you choose, incorporating silk into your plans is bound to create a memorable evening that will contribute too many more years of a healthy and loving marriage.

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