Seamless Silk Sheets

Seemed vs seamless silk sheetsUnlike most bedding you may purchase, silk bedding comes in two different forms; seamless and seamed. The main difference between the two is the width of the source sheet of silk used in producing the silk sheets. Seamed silk sheets are made using multiple pieces of silk fabric sawn together to create the finished sheet. Seamless silk sheets on the other hand are produced using one solid sheet of silk. Most silk bedding you will find on the internet is actually made using the less expensive and more widely available seamed silk. Many brands that sell seamed silk sheets will not mention this fact and often it is not something promoted on their sites. Seamless silk however is rarer and almost all brands that sell seamless silk will promote that their product is made with such. As a general reference the benefits and drawbacks to each are listed below.

Benefits of seamed silk

  • Readily available and offered in many different colors
  • Less expensive than seamless silk

Drawbacks to seamed silk

  • Less durable, as seam introduces a point of failure in the sheets.
  • Less comfortable, as you will likely be sleeping across a seam in the sheets.
  • Less atheistically pleasing: The seam is visible when looking at the sheet.

Benefits of Seamless Silk

  • More durable: Solid sheets have few points of failure and when paired with a heavy momme weight, such as 19mm, the sheets can be machine washed.
  • More atheistically pleasing to look at: It’s made from a beautiful solid sheet of silk so you receive the pleasing look you’re after.
  • More comfortable to sleep on: there are no seams to sleep across and you receive the full benefits of silks superior drape and thermal properties.
  • Seamless silk sheets tend to be made from a higher grade of silk fabric such as high grade Charmeuse mulberry silk.

Drawbacks to Seamless Silk

  • Seamless silk sheets are more expensive to produce than seamed silk sheets.
  • Supply is more limited as there are few looms that can produce silk in these larger widths.
  • Color choices are more limited.

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